The Wuxi Grand Theatre is located in Wuxi City, China. The building has become a landmark with eight wing-shaped roof elements creating a butterfly-like impression. Light is a significant part of the architecture of the grandiose building.

  • Type Facade lighting, interior lighting
  • Location Wuxi, China
  • Completion year 2012
  • Customer PES-architects

The façade is gently lit with a light wash from the bottom up, emphasizing the building’s massive and protective wings.


Thousands of led lights have been integrated under the steel wings, allowing the look of the building to be transformed according to the nature of the events. Another distinctive and unique element is the 50 high poles of light that make a “forest of light” creating a unique dark time experience for the users of the building.


The stairs lighting and areas of the yard are designed in human scale. The light from the stairs gives a theatrical stage impression when you reach the building.


Interior lighting


In the lobby of the Wuxi Theater, the random placement of the fixtures is designed to create the impression of light sifting through the trees and foliage.


The massive opera hall is one of the main elements of the building and its lighting. As a material, bamboo gives an impression close to nature and creates a unique playground for lighting. The shapes allow for a play of individual light and shadow that has been carefully designed. The ceiling and the fixtures placed on it form a sunny “candle crown” for the whole hall.


Architect: PES-architects, Pekka Salminen