Lighting can improve efficiency

Valmet’s Opticoncept M paper machine’s one main part of the product is lighting.


The target of the lighting is to strengthen the product brand and distinguish it from its competitors with a visual look, the will was to invest in design and finishing touches. With good lighting, the product’s recognizability can be made better and thus highlight the brand and evoke mental images.



  • Type Product lighting
  • Customer Valmet

The target of the lighting was to improve the safety and functionality of the product. In these big industry machines lighting can be used to improve efficiency and guidance. Symbols and colors that communicate the state of the machine were also added to the lighting of the machine.


Well designed lighting can improve the feeling of quality of a product.




The Design Process

  • 01

    First, we find out the basis, requirements, and objectives of each project. The goal is to find a scheme, which caters to the needs of the client and where the visual image, atmosphere, image, safety, flexibility and adaptability, technical feasibility and the cost structure are taken into consideration. The analysis creates a concept: a view of what kind of lighting is best for the feature.

  • 02

    Based on a concept approved by the client, we draw up a solid implementation plan for the initial data of electrical design or as a project plan.

  • 03

    We act as a consultant to the client in all stages of the process. We ensure that plans materialize accordingly. When necessary, the project is supplied as a turnkey product.