The Signal lighting installation emphasizes the identity of the hotel

Architecture and location


Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere is located in the city center. The building consists of two connected parts: the locomotive stables which are protected by Finnish National Board of Antiquities and the new hotel building. This Finland’s tallest hotel is 88,5 metres long and it has 25 floors. The stalls represent red brick architecture typical to Tampere city. Light reflecting stainless steel panels are creating rhythm to the new hotel building’s black concrete façade. The building is a significant landmark which is seen from every direction.

Icon Finnish lighting design of the year 2015
  • Type Facade lighting
  • Location Tampere
  • Completion year 2015
  • Customer Sokotel

The aestethic of lighting


The basis of the design was cityscape, architectural and commercial needs. The locomotive stables façade is brought out with warm light calmly and with dignity. The lighting idea of the tower follows the rhytm of the architecture and leaves space for the changing natural light that is reflected from the stainless steel. In the top of the tower there is a distributed media surface which rotates troughout the top. The visibility of the presented theme is 360 degrees. The bevel of the building is significant to the architecture and is brought out with dynamic lighting. The lighting solution is at the same time subdued, but also lively and brightening the cityscape.


The changing lighting situations and animations are living through the times of day, week days and holidays. Every hour the top bursts to a three minute light show. Living, moving and controlled color schemes of the lightning is continuously chaning part of the Tampere’s dark hours cityscape. The movement of the light, turnover and color schemes are calm and thus the lighting is timeless. Every lighting scheme has a carefully considered theme. The bevel’s lighting follows the rhythm of the media surface with a slow movement and the colored lights highlight the red hue of the architecture.


The dynamic lighting is tuned to architecture, cityscape and aesthetic durability. The greatest challenge was to find the right way to create sufficient dynamics for a commercial hotel and at the same time some refreshment for the city’s evening’s and night time life and look. Installation placed to the city’s roof highlights the hotel’s unique architecture, functions and creates to evening time’s city life some novel identity and content.