Facade lighting of national museum

The lighting project resulted from participation in a lighting design competition organized by Senate Properties to celebrate Finland’s one-hundred-year independence in 2017. The lighting concept is focused on the part of the building which the visitor encounters best. The tower and the main entrance have been made attractive and easily recognized. The view was not damaged with too bright lighting. To lighting was brought elements that can support the functions of the museum.

Icon Winner of a design competition, Valossa – national independence celebration year’s competition 2016
  • Type Façade lighting
  • Location Helsinki
  • Completion year 2017
  • Customer Senaatti-kiinteistöt

The different materials were illuminated with a typical way for the shapes and colors and the architectural essence was well considered. The judges of the competition found positive the using of the windows as part of the lighting idea. The lighting is technically modern and flexible for changes.


The Design Process

  • 01

    First, we find out the basis, requirements, and objectives of each project. The goal is to find a scheme, which caters to the needs of the client and where the visual image, atmosphere, image, safety, flexibility and adaptability, technical feasibility and the cost structure are taken into consideration. The analysis creates a concept: a view of what kind of lighting is best for the feature.

  • 02

    Based on a concept approved by the client, we draw up a solid implementation plan for the initial data of electrical design or as a project plan.

  • 03

    We act as a consultant to the client in all stages of the process. We ensure that plans materialize accordingly. When necessary, the project is supplied as a turnkey product.


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