Naistenlahti Power Plant as part of the cityscape

The Naistenlahti power plant is located in the city area of Tampere, on the coast of Näsijärvi lake’s walking route and by the busy main road. Naistenlahti power plant is passed by thousands of people yearly – the citizens, the visitors, and the users of the road. There was no prior façade lighting so the lighting of the environment and the power plant’s area’s lighting brought out the building uncontrollably. Because of this, it was decided to update the actual area’s lighting at the same time. The basis of the new area lighting was to develop the dark hour’s landscape views when looked from land and from lake Näsijärvi.

Icon GE Edison Awards 2007, Award of Excellence
  • Type Facade lighting
  • Location Tampere
  • Completion year 2007, update 2017
  • Customer Tampereen Sähkölaitos
  • Lighting Suppliers Philips, Obelux

The basis of the design was the landcape imagery, graphic monumentality and commercial image. The main idea was a clear and simple visual identity which highlights the building’s appearance and brings out the main masses of the façades.


The new façade lighting brings out Naistenlahti powerplant and creates a modern look for the building. Trasforming of the building’s image is possible for example according to holidays or seasons and thus the façade of the building remains interesting for a long time. The system makes possible a dynamic façade lighting and the power plant’s visual image can be changed from everyday look to a celebration look.


The basis of the area lighting has been to highlight functional areas, not an all-round general lighting. The area lighting is organized and secondary areas have not been illuminated.


Thanks to the intelligent control system the new area- and façade lighting together spend less energy than the old area lighting by itself. The lighting is controlled according to time, passing traffic and the amount of daylight.


The façade of the lighting communicates modern times, efficiency and quality. The purpose is to bring happiness and colorfulness to the year’s darkest periods, for visitors and citizens.




Planning process

  • 01

    First, we find out the basis, requirements, and objectives of each project. The goal is to find a scheme, which caters to the needs of the client and where the visual image, atmosphere, image, safety, flexibility and adaptability, technical feasibility and the cost structure are taken into consideration. The analysis creates a concept: a view of what kind of lighting is best for the feature.

  • 02

    Based on a concept approved by the client, we draw up a solid implementation plan for the initial data of electrical design or as a project plan.

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    We act as a consultant to the client in all stages of the process. We ensure that plans materialize accordingly. When necessary, the project is supplied as a turnkey product.