Autotalo represents the beginning of the era of high construction in Helsinki. Today the building is a landmark and a modern office space right in the heart of the city center. Completed in 1958, the building consists of two 12-floor towers.

  • Type Facade lighting and interior lighting
  • Location Helsinki
  • Completion year 2014
  • Customer Helsingin Autotalo Ltd

The facade of the building had lost its identity over time. When interiors were completely renovated 2011-2014, there was also a need to communicate a completely renovated interior to the outside.


The facade lighting was designed respecting the look originally designed for the building and the lights no longer glare to the offices. Fading soft white light surrounds the facade towers and highlights the building from the dark.


The unification of neon signs also played a big role – when well designed, light signs can create a stylish finishing touch to a building.


In addition to the facade, the lobby was transformed from an outdoor space into an indoor space. The light guidance was maintained from the original state. In addition, the stairwells and parking garage received renewed lighting.


Original architect: Veli Valoranta & Eino Tuompo
Renovation architect: Tengbom Eriksson architects