How can we help?

  • Consulting is the simplest way to ensure the success of lighting at different design stages. Our experienced lighting and electrical designers help you find a lighting solution for joint meetings. We help with the following lighting issues:


    – brainstorming

    – visualization

    – lighting methods

    – space allowances for luminaires

    – types of luminaires

    – lighting calculation

    – lighting technology

    – test lighting

    – permit issues


    The lighting designer brings solution models from a manufacturer-independent repertoire to the design table. We are looking for suitable lighting solutions for your site according to your design phase. The preparation of the plan is left to the customer, but if necessary, we make plan packages in accordance with our service description.

Example projects:

Jyväskylä new master plan workshop
Jyväskylä new master plan workshop

In the City of Light -seminar 2019 we held a workshop considering the new master plan of City of Jyväskylä. Together with 80 professionals in the lighting design field and city development specialists we discussed what will happen to lighting in the future. As a result we got lots of ideas and thoughts as a base for our development of Jyväskylä lighting.

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Turku workshop of seasonal lighting
Turku workshop of seasonal lighting

VALOA organized a workshop about seasonal lighting in Turku.

More about the project