The Story of VALOA design

VALOA, established in 1997, has been a pioneering company in Finland specializing in lighting architecture, particularly in highlighting the importance of light when it comes to creating an atmosphere. One of the first large scale projects by VALOA has been, among others, the Tampere Kuninkaankatu street, the Tammerkoski rapids, and the Tampere town hall. As the projects expanded and continuous learning took place, the team of experts at VALOA grew as well.

The work proceeded to light the entire central square of Tampere, the first master plan of lighting in Finland in Jyväskylä and all the way abroad, as far as China.


Nowadays, lighting architecture is common both around the world and in Finland. Competition is welcome and advances the field. We aspire to be number one in this competition and to always offer our clients the comprehensively optimal, not forgetting a practical process.

The Design Process

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    First, we find out the basis, requirements, and objectives of each project. The goal is to find a scheme, which caters to the needs of the client and where the visual image, atmosphere, image, safety, flexibility and adaptability, technical feasibility and the cost structure are taken into consideration. The analysis creates a concept: a view of what kind of lighting is best for the feature.

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    Based on a concept approved by the client, we draw up a solid implementation plan for the initial data of electrical design or as a project plan.

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    We act as a consultant to the client in all stages of the process. We ensure that plans materialize accordingly. When necessary, the project is supplied as a turnkey product.

Our Views

Thinking in a Modern, Human-Centric Way

We feel that lighting requires rethinking. Lighting design is no longer based on choosing styles of lighting fixtures or calculating luminosity. One ought not to measure the amount of light or the number of lamps, but rather the human experience. We make everyday experiences cozier and more beautiful by means of light. We highlight the things people want to experience, feel and remember.

Light Is the Night-Time Architect

Besides the time of brightness and sunshine, there is always darkness as well. Darkness is a challenge we face bravely, taking responsibility for the night-time look of our clients. We use light to bring out stories from the darkness and highlight the identity and atmosphere of their features.

Skilled Cooperation

Our process has been formed over the years of experience, and we discern the steps between an idea and implementation. With us, you know where the journey leads from the beginning. The optimal, unique result is developed as a collaboration of our lighting designers and architects, electrical designers and contractors.

Awards and recognitions

Icon LIT Award 2023, winner

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Icon LIT Award 2022, winner

Supercell Headquarters lighting

Icon Winner of a design competition 2022

Vaasa Central Square design competition

Icon Winner of a design competition 2021

Oulu Hartaanselänranta design competition

Icon LIT Awards 2020, honorable mention

Virontörmä residential area collective light murals

Icon Nordic Lighting Design Award 2020

Helsinki metro stations, 1st time Nordisk Lyspris to Finland

Icon Winner of a design competition 2020

Tallinn LUCIA International Lighting Design Competition

Icon Lighting Award Finland 2019

Helsinki metro stations

Icon LIT Awards 2019, winner

Helsinki metro stations

Icon LIT Awards 2019, honorable mention

The National Museum of Finland

Icon Lighting Design Awards 2019, highly commended

Helsinki metro stations

Icon Winner of a design competition 2019

Naantali old town coast lighting

Icon Darc Awards, shortlisted 2017

Oulujoki bridges

Icon Lighting Design Awards 2017, commended

Pikisaari bridge, Oulu

Icon Nordic Lighting Design Award, shortlisted 2016

Tower hotel Tampere

Icon Darc Awards, shortlisted 2016

Tower hotel, Tampere

Icon Winner of a design competition 2016

National “Finland 100” design competition, National Museum, Helsinki

Icon Winner of a design competition 2016

National “Finland 100” design competition, National Opera, Helsinki

Icon Winner of a design competition 2016

Oulujoki riverside, Oulu

Icon Winner of a design competition 2015

Old Tower, Oulu

Icon Winner of a design competition 2015

Tulli area, Tampere

Icon Lighting Award Finland 2015

Façade lighting of Tower hotel Tampere

Icon Lighting Award Finland 2011, honourable mention

Lielahti Kodin1 store, Tampere

Icon GE Edison Awards 2008, Special Citation

Dynamic Street Lighting of Rovakatu, Rovaniemi

Icon GE Edison Awards 2007, Award of Excellence

Naistenlahti power plant, Tampere

Icon LUCI International City-People-Light Award 2005, 2nd place

Tampere Central Square

Icon Luminord 2005 Nordic light competition, 1st place

CATA lighting system

Icon Luminord 2003 Nordic light competition, honourable mention

Q-vistas light fixture

Icon Lighting Installation of the Year 2003, honourable mention

Tampere Central Square

Icon Lighting installation of the Year 1999

Tammerkoski landscape lighting

Icon Invitational competition 2005

Vuosaari Harbour

Icon Invitational competition 2001

Ruhr mining area, 2nd place

Generating light

We at VALOA use light to generate experiences and emotions. As a trendsetter in user-friendly lighting, we design and create distinct spaces and cityscapes.

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